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Seeing the world through their eyes – in the present and designing for future growth.

Savvan Associates has been in business with a focus in the financial industries, including insurance and small group health insurance assistance to small businesses for many years. In most recent years, Savvan Associates specializes as a learning advisor to small-to medium size businesses (SMB) as a designer of training programs specializes in three areas, professional skills, and soft skill training for sales forces, management training, and leadership training. Savvan Associates has spent many years in the high tech industry with Fortune 500 organizations providing design and development of training programs for various role developments.

Savvan Associates focus is truly on the development of people and development of training programs as a learning advisor. One of the primary goals in the creation of training programs is putting people first. The result of these programs is to increase performance and well-being of all employees. The return on investment (ROI) is a very happy and productive individual for the company and returning customers. What we have learned, when people are happy, and doing what they love they are far more engaged and committed to their work. The real value for the company is increased revenue.

Savvan Associates works with other learning partners to design and deliver training to Savvan’s clientele. As a learning and organizational designer Savvan specializes in advanced learning simulations in leadership, management and sales training for the workforce. Additionally, Savvan provides customized training for face-face workshops and virtual instructor led training (VILT).

Curriculum Design in Leadership, Management, Business Acumen, and Behavioral Skill Change Programs in change management.

Emerging Curriculum Design for Leaders, Managers & Sales Executives including Sales Teams.

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