“The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains”

“The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains”

In an article from the Wall Street Journal on Friday, June 4, 2010 entitled So Many Links, So Little Time by Journalist John Horgan he reviews Nicholas Carr’s new book entitled The Shallows (p A17).

This book is a timely piece as our world has become so digitized. As we know our lives have been transformed by the Internet and the connectivity it provides to every device that we have at our disposal.

Regarding our work lives and our home lives and our downtime is really our “up time” by being connected through our social networks. We are always multitasking so we think we are doing a great job. Yet as the article begins to highlight is that the Internet is actually making us dumber because we are skimming everything …

Get Rid of the Performance Review!

Samuel A. Colbert and Lawrence Rout recently released their book entitled, Get Rid of the Performance Review! 2010. Additionally, there was a write up in the WSJ on Friday May 21, 2010, on this book and “The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working” by Tony Schwartz with Jean Gomes and Catherine McCarthy, released in May 2010 – Free Press The reason I am quoting Colbert’s work here is because I believe that he’s right in what he has to say and as an OD professional if there is something that I could do to help change the mindset I would do so. From my own personal experience I have found the performance review to be frightful as well just because there seems to be an exaggeration of the truth or falsifying …

National League of Junior Cotillions (NLJC)

National League of Junior Cotillions (NLJC) May 27, 2010 The focus of the message is for the Memorial Day holiday and as we go into the weekend and the remembrance of what Memorial Day represents as it is different for each of us, as we remember those we honor and cherish. I have a friend who currently has his young boy enrolled in the National League of Junior Cotillions (NLJC). I’m duly impressed with his parents for being so insightful. I went to the NLJCs website and I chose to provide their area of focus as their national courtesy character and citizenship of the month as it focuses on some of the key skills that we all need to step back and reflect and work to improve our own skills …

The Secret Handshake, by Kathleen Kelly Reardon

In reading “The Secret Handshake, Mastering the Politics of the Business Inner Circle

… it is good to see the wisdom of others such as Reardon note that she as a professional OD consultant interview people in departmental teams the person that fingers are pointed at for starting a conflict may have been part of the problem but no longer are the actual problem.

What truly amazes me the most is the loss in productivity and the amount of time and effort and cost to the company and that the company is willing to endure these costs rather than to deal with the problem effectively and nip it in the bud.

My hope that as an operational cost saving measure, that Management teams would see the wisdom in dealing with …

John Hope Bryant, Love Leadership

Several of John’s quotes from The Leadership Challenge and from his book, Love Leadership:

Greatest sin is not to do good when you could”

“Passion is emotion properly focused”

“Courage is leading through fear and taking it to action”

“The crisis we are in is virtues and values”

“We (US) lost our storyline”

“Make ‘Smart’ sexy again!”

“Rainbows after storms”

“Saint is a sinner that got up”

Why I like John Hope Bryant is because he represents to me the new leader and manager that we need going forward in the emerging leadership in the world.