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Bullying is a Leadership issue!

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Bullying is a Leadership issue!

The buck stops here. When we hear that the buck stops here, it truly means taking responsibility for the decisions and how the organizational leadership makes decisions as to how the earned money is spent and what leadership consider important to their overall business goals and objectives.

At least one assumes. After nearly an hour of dutiful speechifying and deflection, it was uncertain what the commissioner was after, or accomplished. It felt that way in the ballroom of the midtown Manhattan Hilton, and judging from the blowback on social media, it felt that way on television”.

Jason Gay, Sports writer, WSJ, 9/19/14, from the article entitled, “Roger Goodell’s Immaculate Deflection.

When the leadership focuses on self-protection and the NFL Leagues’ primary interest, Roger …

Lean-in – Will that help women be strategic in their roles?

Lean-in – Will that help women be strategic in their roles?

Will leaning in at the decision table help women be more strategic in their roles? In other words, we can lean in – yet will that solve our problem sitting at the decision table? I think not or at least not quite as simply put. We need to look at the roles of both genders in the workplace today as well as the multiple generations that occupy these roles.

Why do I think that?

Let’s look at what we know today…

We have had a calling most recently due to catastrophic change in our economy that has brought the ever-brewing separation of those who are well off, the middle-class and the increased poor and poverty-laden citizens living in this …

Is there opportunity to shape and shift the L&D role in an organization in providing needed metrics to the C-Suite?

Measurement Matters: If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” quoted by David Norton, co-author with Robert Kaplan “The Balanced Scorecard: Translating Strategy into Action

What doesn’t get measured doesn’t get better.”

As we approach the Fiscal Year End (FYE) strategy and budget reviews with our senior management, executives and Board of Directors it is the time to impress the value of business and learning metrics to the C-Suite. The learning technologies are in transition as is social learning, just-in-time learning, simulations and game technologies. It is time to address the multi-generations in the workforce with measurement and treat the L&D role in an organization as a true P/L (Profit/Loss) function. It is the L&D industries’ responsibility for not being taken seriously as a business …

What’s Wrong with America’s Job Engine?

What’s Wrong with America’s Job Engine? – by David Wessel

Wednesday July 27, 2011


And… CEOs in Their Own Words: Don’t Plan on Hiring – Willa Plank


In reading, both articles the winners are the temporary firms hiring folks for ‘just-in-time’ needs and those with college degrees. Yet that doesn’t explain the entire trend of what to do with the ‘Change’ in the demographics of our workers. Employers are also saying they can’t find the needed skill here in the U.S. In the past, several years since this financial debacle meltdown began people have returned to Universities, Community Colleges and updated their skills. What is it that the American worker is missing for skills?

If I were a betting person, which I …

CEO Pay in 2010 Jumped 11% May 9, 2011 WSJ

CEO Pay in 2010 Jumped 11% May 9, 2011 WSJ By JOANN S. LUBLIN You may be saying to yourself, why now would this blog be posted, after all, we are in the last week of July 2011 and this is old news! I only think it is relevant as we see the news headlines of the lawmakers in Washington DC unable to make decisions and the CEOs waiting it out. All of this indecision is affecting the ‘little-people’.

The only thing that these folks are elected and paid to do is work in the best interest of their constituency, the people of the U.S. Yet their actions are roiling not only the stock market including the losses in the past week yet also the companies mentioned in this …