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A Transparent Barrier

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By Linda SavanauskasApril 16, 2015

Men and women are familiar with the term the ‘glass-ceiling’. It was coined in the early’70s as a descriptor as a transparent barrier holding women back. I think the term served a purpose then for women. It still is part of that barrier for women and men today. When we look at the five generations in the workforce today, from the traditionalists to the millennials we all have lots to learn when it comes to being diverse and inclusive in our work together.

Although little seems to have changed, we need to define a new term for the glass-ceiling as historically there have been minor changes, yet little movement. Some of which is the purpose for the Champion You …

March – Women’s History Month 2014

March 8 is International Women’s Day

Take Rosie the Riveter to work or out on the town, and help celebrate women in the workforce during Women’s History Month.

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