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Why Corporate Training Programs are Failing

The Journal Report: Leadership in Human Resources (2012)

So Much Training, So Little to Show for It

An expert on corporate programs reveals why they often are a waste of time and money

By Rachel Emma Silverman

Companies devote a lot of time, effort and money to corporate training—with little to show for it.

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U.S. firms spent about $156 billion on employee learning in 2011, the most recent data available, according to the American Society for Training …

Bullying is a Leadership issue!

News Release 

Bullying is a Leadership issue!

The buck stops here. When we hear that the buck stops here, it truly means taking responsibility for the decisions and how the organizational leadership makes decisions as to how the earned money is spent and what leadership consider important to their overall business goals and objectives.

At least one assumes. After nearly an hour of dutiful speechifying and deflection, it was uncertain what the commissioner was after, or accomplished. It felt that way in the ballroom of the midtown Manhattan Hilton, and judging from the blowback on social media, it felt that way on television”.

Jason Gay, Sports writer, WSJ, 9/19/14, from the article entitled, “Roger Goodell’s Immaculate Deflection.

When the leadership focuses on self-protection and the NFL Leagues’ primary interest, Roger …

Lean-in – Will that help women be strategic in their roles?

Lean-in – Will that help women be strategic in their roles?

Will leaning in at the decision table help women be more strategic in their roles? In other words, we can lean in – yet will that solve our problem sitting at the decision table? I think not or at least not quite as simply put. We need to look at the roles of both genders in the workplace today as well as the multiple generations that occupy these roles.

Why do I think that?

Let’s look at what we know today…

We have had a calling most recently due to catastrophic change in our economy that has brought the ever-brewing separation of those who are well off, the middle-class and the increased poor and poverty-laden citizens living in this …

Diversity, Culture and Leadership – Inside Fenway Park: An Icon at 100 – Celebration on April 20, 2012

Diversity, Culture and Leadership – Inside Fenway Park: An Icon at 100 – Celebration on April 20, 2012 Diversity, culture and leadership matter in every environment from athletes, sports teams, organizations, religion and yes-even politics. Why you might ponder? Let’s take a quick review of our current events, i.e., the 2012 Olympics, the high-stakes run for the president of the US, (think Todd Akins) the Universities, (Penn State, UNC), The Vatican, The Military, to name just a few. The issue is that leadership can sanctify a culture without diversity and support it, and the ‘why’ it is necessary for many years, decades and some case centuries. Yet this comes at the expense of every person, every citizen, and yes there is a loss and where there is a loss, there …

Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA)

Typically when I blog, I try to provide interesting sourced information on what is going on in our world today as it applies to the learning profession.

Albeit a bit atypical, a personal story about FMLA and why it is so important to your ‘well-being’. Not only is this legislation a godsend for employees of either sex to take time off when a new baby is on the way, or an illness, the other gift it brings is securing your employee spot, and your health insurance until you can return to work. Please see the particulars about the law as noted in the DoL guide.

Several weeks ago, my husband went directly into the emergency room and into a 3-day stay in the ICU and was transferred to a …