Change Management in Leadership Training

confident womanThe need for change management in leadership training is crucial as the speed, intensity and global nature of change continues to accelerate – let Savvan Learning Solutions customize corporate training program help!  Today’s leaders need to be equipped and trained regularly to deal with change and its implications. Savvan Learning brings a broad array of skills and expertise to equip your leaders to successfully manage change.

Change management in leadership is a skill set that effective leaders have or develop that assists them in transitioning individuals, teams, and organizations to a future state of goal-based success.  There are many reasons that require leaders to utilize change management. They include:

    • The rapid rate of innovation of technology
    • Globalization of the business environment
    • Changing nature of knowledge and business opportunity

The rapid growth of technology has created systems like social media and mobile applications.  These have opened up business on a global scale to many segments of the population that had not participated in business before.  And for existing business, access to very targeted markets is now available in an almost instantaneous manner.  There is an ever increasing need for continual change and review of leadership strategies and managerial improvements in people management, processes and technology including core systems’ adjustments.

Because of this rapid change, organizations must quickly learn to adapt and become comfortable with change. However, many companies and organizations are bound by their culture, operating principles and even historical factors that will not allow them to change quickly, if at all. Change Management in leadership is required if the organization is to keep up with the changing environment and effect change to accommodate successful migration to a future structure that can be successful.

Technology and globalization have a secondary effect of increasing the types and amount of knowledge available to all the organization’s stakeholders and customers. This requires that leadership be keenly aware of their entire company structure and operations and implementation of policies because of the ongoing scrutiny from both stakeholders and media.  Also, because of the rapid growth of technology, opportunities and innovation tend to come from exterior sources rather than being developed internally. 

Successful change management is more likely to occur if the following actions are included:

    • Manage benefits and measurable stakeholder aims. 
    • Create effective communication that informs various stakeholders of the reasons for the change the details, and the benefits of successful implementation. 
    • Devise an effective education, training and/or profession skills development plan for the organization.
    • Counter normal resistance from the employees and acquaint them with the strategic goals and direction of the company.
    • Monitoring planned change implementation and fine-tune prescribed  goals to meet the required objectives and outcomes.

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