Custom Corporate Learning & Development Programs

Corporate Learning and Development and Performance ManagementSavvan Learning Solutions can lead a workflow process to create custom corporate learning and development programs for your company.  Custom course development is both an art and science. It requires a special “Savvy” that Savvan Learning Services has obtained from credentials, experience, and ongoing research.

Corporate learning and development typically encompasses three main areas of activity: training, education, and development. 


Training is focused and measured against creating or enhancing skills for the job that an individual currently holds. Additionally the outcome is improved performance of the individual and in meeting the organizations business objectives.


Education focuses on the potential jobs that an individual may hold in the future.


This activity focuses on preparing the individuals employed by the company to take part in jobs or roles that may be available in the company in the future.  The focus of upskilling individual contributors, managers and leaders to take on different job and role responsibility is more than important to the livelihood of the current business objectives and future growth objectives for the business. 

Typical roles in the field are present at all levels of the corporation.  They can include new-employee orientation, professional-skills training, customer-service training, executive and supervisory/management development, technical/job training,  sales-and-marketing training, or health-and-safety training. Job titles that are linked to these roles may include chief learning officer,  vice-president of organizational effectiveness, training manager or director, management development specialist, training-needs analyst, or individual career-development advisor.

Certification Program Development

We can also help you design a Certification Program for repeat training of key personnel. Be assured that Savvan Associates can design a customized course to meet the most rigorous or technical training needs.

Deliverables are available in blended learning environments and include include face-face classroom orientation, webinar programs with breakout sessions, and advanced learning simulations.

Corporate learning and development is a crucial component to every organization that hopes to recruit and retain valuable employees and achieve their success goals. Contact us today to discuss your organization’s training needs.

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