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Workplace diversity and discrimination are increasing concerns for corporations. Savvan Learning can provide experienced training services customized to the needs of your workplace culture.

Workplace Diversity Training is on the minds and budgets of every corporation with any employees. Diversity is a complex subject and has many nuances that need to be specifically addressed from the perspective of legal compliance, awareness, reporting, and resolution, management coaching and disciplinary actions if required. It is not enough just to have a policy anymore. What is trending today is the dark side of leadership that we don’t want to address, and that is Bullying is a leadership issue. Bullying comes from the top decisions makers in the organization and it costs organizations millions of dollars in harassment lawsuits. However, the issue is only now coming to the surface and becoming top of mind especially as we review Collegiate and Pro sports as only one example. See the list of topics under Workplace Bullying that are available for training, speaking and peer coaching.

Whether it is about the root cause of discrimination, leadership and management issues, problem-solving training to address these issues, the rising awareness of bullying and its victims or the application of experiential learning to study cases and plan future actions, Savvan Learning Solutions has a speaking topic that is relevant to your organization. 

Allow Linda Savanauskas to bring her wealth of research knowledge, experiential advisory and years of training and speaking experience to address your company’s needs as a seminar leader or keynote speaker.

Address the pressing issues related to diversity within you Corporate Learning and Development structure. Take a look at the topics below and contact us for your next speaking engagement or training seminar. We can also customize our topics to your specific needs:


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