Immersive & Experiential Learning

Immersive and Experiential Learning

Savvan Learning leverages immersive and experiential learning approaches to craft custom designed and effective staff training and certification courses.

Immersive Learning

Practice make perfect and perfect practice is the best training.  Numerous studies have shown that virtual practice is often as effective—or more so—as real-life practice. How could this be? There are several factors at work.   They include:

    • Quickness of  feedback to the learner,
    • Corrective feedback immediately at the time of error
    • The ability to control the training environments to ensure a diversity of scenarios, from the most common to the most difficult can be experienced and navigated by learners. 
    • The most useful training allows learners to actually practice skills in a safe environment.

In an immersive learning environment is very safe for the learner to practice and make mistakes, which provides a valuable experience for the learners. The learner has immediate feedback., Imagine the possibilities that immersive learning coupled with new technologies can bring to training design and implementation! Staff at every level an organization can benefit from technology-enabled training.

Savvan Learning Associates can provide you the expertise and walk you through the process of designing and building immersive learning environments using the framework of the familiar ADDIE model. 

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning  Is a process of learning from direct experience – a natural and human technique to gain hands on feelings from the experience and transferring the experience into usable and applied knowledge. Experiential learning is learning through reflection on doing. 

Experiential learning focuses on the learning process for the individual. An example of experiential learning is going to an actual business and learning through observation and interaction with the employees, management and the business environment, as opposed to reading about business theory from a book or watching a video. The value is that the learner makes discoveries and experiments with knowledge firsthand, instead of hearing or reading about from others’ experiences. It is often used synonymously with the phrase “experiential education”, however, the two should not be confused, because experiential education addresses the experience at a broader level. As such, experiential education is concerned with issues such as the relationship of teacher and student, and issues of educational structure and objectives. 

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