Leadership Development

standing on top of rock with arms raisedGreat leadership is at the heart of success of any organization. Change management in leadership is a critical skill set to help an organization’s leadership to anticipate and embrace change and move forward to achieving the goals for success.  

Savvan Learning Solutions specializes in helping leaders and managers at all levels and businesses create a professional career development leadership path. We are especially passionate about leadership and management training. Our goal is to enable women and men to develop the business acumen and critical thinking skills that will accelerate them to greater roles in managing and leading businesses of all sizes. 

Leadership Challenge Workshop

One leadership offering is,  The Leadership Challenge workshop. This program is modeled after the book by the same title, The Leadership Challenge by Kouzes & Posner. The LPI leadership assessment provides insight to your current leadership skills. Additionally, the LPI assessments provides historical data and provides benchmarked results in your current leadership skills, as well as your peers in your organization’s leadership team who take the LPI test. Additionally, the assessment program compares the results globally to historical benchmarks providing a great snapshot for review. As a sales leader, the LPI assessment increases your leadership awareness and consultative selling skills.

Custom Leadership Training Course Development

Connect today with Linda Savanauskas and Savvan Learning Solutions for a wealth of research knowledge, and years of performance management training and speaking experience to address your specific company’s requirements to incorporate experiential learning, in your leadership class room workshops, and your Virtual Instructor Led Training.

Address and solve the pressing issues of corporate and small business leadership. Specifically take advantage of our expertise in preparing and accelerating the professional career development of women in leadership and management roles in business.  Take a look at the topics below and contact us for your next speaking engagement or training seminar. We can also customize our topics to your specific needs:

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