Bullying is a Leadership issue!

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Bullying is a Leadership issue!

The buck stops here. When we hear that the buck stops here, it truly means taking responsibility for the decisions and how the organizational leadership makes decisions as to how the earned money is spent and what leadership consider important to their overall business goals and objectives.

At least one assumes. After nearly an hour of dutiful speechifying and deflection, it was uncertain what the commissioner was after, or accomplished. It felt that way in the ballroom of the midtown Manhattan Hilton, and judging from the blowback on social media, it felt that way on television”.

Jason Gay, Sports writer, WSJ, 9/19/14, from the article entitled, “Roger Goodell’s Immaculate Deflection.

When the leadership focuses on self-protection and the NFL Leagues’ primary interest, Roger Goodell’s “Immaculate Deflection” of responsibility in decision-making represents the same old pattern of non-acceptance of the leadership’s responsibility for their actions. The ownership of critical issues such as bullying, and violence become secondary.

Therefore, no good deed is truly solved unless there is an acceptance of the decisions made to provide change in leadership, providing healing to the leadership, and the individuals who are hurt by the Leagues leadership’s lack of action to address the common core issues. These leaders thrive on power and control, and their leadership behaviors support bullying in their organizations.

The buck truly stops within, yes and the change leadership begins with his or her own genuine awareness in decision-making. Until this acknowledgement and acceptance happens, no true healing begins. The result discrimination, harassment, and abuse continue.

Although I am excited to hear about how the NFL will be bringing women into the organization and begin to promote such causes as Domestic Violence, Breast Cancer awareness from their sponsorships, etc., the bigger question is still at large. What will the leadership do differently, especially when their culture thrives on absolute power and he who has the most gold wins mentality?

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