John Hope Bryant, Love Leadership

Several of John’s quotes from The Leadership Challenge and from his book, Love Leadership:

Greatest sin is not to do good when you could”

“Passion is emotion properly focused”

“Courage is leading through fear and taking it to action”

“The crisis we are in is virtues and values”

“We (US) lost our storyline”

“Make ‘Smart’ sexy again!”

“Rainbows after storms”

“Saint is a sinner that got up”

Why I like John Hope Bryant is because he represents to me the new leader and manager that we need going forward in the emerging leadership in the world.

There are many obstacles to people wanting to keep the status quo in organizations functioning as they have been in the past. Yes and what we have been witnessing in the past three years with the collapse of the financial markets in the Western Hemisphere and as the financial markets affect the Eastern Hemisphere the way we do business needs to change.
A strong focus on humanity, humility, diversity of needs, putting people first and by listening to their needs will make the change that is needed in our emerging leadership in managing people effectively.

Two quotes below are only two of my favorites – so many times we just let things go and we just don’t help people when we could. Most times we just walk away, and think that we just can get away with it and most of the time we did.

Lastly what good is doing anything without passion? Oh yes, I know passion can be seen as a negative, I like the boundaries that John put on passion. It no longer is a loose cannon.


Greatest sin is not to do good when you could”

“Passion is emotion properly focused”

Bryant, J. (2009). Love Leadership. Jossey-Bass: San Francisco, CA.

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