The Secret Handshake, by Kathleen Kelly Reardon

In reading “The Secret Handshake, Mastering the Politics of the Business Inner Circle

… it is good to see the wisdom of others such as Reardon note that she as a professional OD consultant interview people in departmental teams the person that fingers are pointed at for starting a conflict may have been part of the problem but no longer are the actual problem.

What truly amazes me the most is the loss in productivity and the amount of time and effort and cost to the company and that the company is willing to endure these costs rather than to deal with the problem effectively and nip it in the bud.

My hope that as an operational cost saving measure, that Management teams would see the wisdom in dealing with the nature of human conflicts and find ways to save precious human resources.

In Reardon’s book, (2001) there is a nice passage and it reads as, In point of fact rarely is the person at whom fingers are pointed when I arrive at a company that single source of political unrest.

Politics is relational. For every move that is made, counter moves occur. Thus even if only one or two people initiate conflict and political methods of interaction, in time others are pulled into the mix.

One effective way to turn around this kind of situation is to help those involved recognize how each of them is contributing to the situation, and then work with them to break up old patterns and change how they relate to one another.

Most organizations don’t have the patience for this resolution process. It’s easier to blame people and get rid of them.

In highly politicized arenas, though, this quick fix approach rarely alters the underlying pattern of dysfunctional politics. (p 17) Reardon, K. (2001).

The secret handshake mastering the politics of the business inner circle. New York, NY. Currency and Doubleday Publishers.

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