Can Cats Categorically Not Forgive?

Mess with a Cat

Photo: Nishant Choksi

You gotta love the image.  It truly makes me smile – for any of us that have had cats – and have cats – yes they sometimes run the house.  Feed them the wrong food…and they will sulk for hours.

They do have a very long memory, and they are as sweet and lovely and rush to your aide when you need some comfort.

The image above is from an article from Joe Queenan of the WSJ, March 21, 2015.

“A friend phoned the other day and asked if I knew that cats never forgive. She had heard this on NPR.

“How would I know that?’ I said. “In fact, how would anyone know that?”

I know from my own experiences, that they so seem to have a long memory, and remember how to gently nudge you to do what they want at any given time.

Even as Joe says in is article,

Even if it turns out that cats do hold grudges, that is not necessarily a bad thing. Nature programmed them to be tough customers. Cats are the four-legged equivalent of state troopers and corrections officers: We don’t want them to be softies. Cats, as opposed to poodles and ducks and hamsters, are supposed to be cool.

Forgiving those who are obviously evil has never been cool.

What are you thoughts? How do we apply this to our own abilities to let go and forgive?

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