Business Acumen needed to Engage and Increase Creativity and Innovation in Business

Small or Large Business, Creativity Needed to Solve Business Challenges

By Linda Savanauskas 3-5-16

Are you a small business owner? Do you think daily about what skills you have or do you find yourself being creative and innovative in bringing business in the door to increase revenue? Probably you just do it!

Most likely you are the person who is driving the business strategy for your business, and you are the person who is doing the work. If you are in a position, you have hired a few key employees who work in the business providing the needed administration and support.

There are many schools of thought…especially with technology driving so many of our choices today. Whether we like or not, we need to have a social presence on the web. We need to have a social media presence with FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. We need to have physical presence when we are in front of our prospects and clients.

Are you thinking of your business skills learned only as your trade, i.e., you have certification as a plumber, electrician, etc. Are you thinking of your business skills learned because you hold an MBA?



These business acumen skills are focused on your particular trade or learned business administration help you solve very specific problems in your line of work.

How many of you have a skill or undergraduate degree that is a liberal arts or liberal science degree? Do you believe this ability to think horizontally will help you find creative solutions to your business challenge?

How do your business skills know also known Business Acumen help solve your business challenges, especially with rapid speed required in technology changes, and significant problems that need to be solved for your business or your customers? How do you keep yourself motivated or your employees to manage the continuous speed and changes that go on in your business?

Education may not be the answer. However there does seem to be a consensus among some folks the way to solve the problem is to train people using S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education which are known as hard skills.

The other side of that argument is that we need ‘soft-skill training’ such as business acumen skills in problem-solving, and critical thinking skills to engage and motivate our employees and ourselves. Those solutions need to be creative and innovative in solving the rapid technology changes and problems in our businesses today. 2-People Money


The same issues occur in large businesses, yet they are increased in complexity due to size and more people.

I support the idea of needing to have a focus on both hard and soft skills whether you are a small business owner or an employee in a larger organization.

“In truth, a good education should include soft as well as hard competencies (skills). Technical and business skills can get graduates get in the door, but an ability to think critically and communicate effectively can play an equal, if not larger, role determining success.” ~ By Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Another advocate of this need in dual skills is from Roger Martin, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, he says, that students needed to learn how to think critically and creatively every bit as much as they needed to learn finance or accounting. More specifically, they needed to learn how to approach problems from many perspectives and to combine various approaches to find innovative solutions.”

What’s the Value of a Liberal Arts Education in Our 21st Century Digital Economy 3-5-16 wsj

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