Professional Business Acumen Development Skills

Developing business acumen, the ability to quickly assess and respond to a business situation in a way that facilitates a positive outcome, is for many a learned skill. Savvan Learning Solutions offers customized training programs for individuals and businesses that significantly strengthen business acumen skills.

Developing Business Acumen Skills

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Developing your career is the lifelong process of managing your learning, work, leisure, and life transitions in order to move toward personal goals and your desired future.

Professional career development refers to the acquisition of skills and knowledge, both career advancement and personal development. Professional development includes many types of learning opportunities, which can range from college degrees to formal coursework, conferences and experiential learning situated in practice. There are multiple way to approaches to professional development, which include coaching & mentoring, consultation, technical assistance and reflective supervision or just studying a lesson and putting together a plan.

In the discipline of organizational development, the study of professional career development examines:

    • how the individual manages their careers within an organization or across multiple organizations and,
    • how an organization structures the career progress and skills of their members

In personal development, career development is:

    • The total set of factors that includes economic, sociological, educational, psychological, physical, and even chance factors that work together to influence the nature and significance of your work throughout your total lifespan. 
    • The evolution or development of a career as affected by 
      • Your experience within a specific field of interest
      • Success at each stage of your career development, 
      • What level of education or training attained at each stage of your career
      • Your ability to communicate your capabilities to potential employers through the appropriate medium or personal interview and,
      • Your understanding of career development as a navigable process.

Professional Development Skills

As you develop your career and enhance your business acumen, it is vitally important for you to determine the skills you will need to be successful.  Those skills can then be obtained through formal educational means, through specific training on the process or job you will do or through on-the-job training and simulations.   This whole process of obtaining professional development skills is critical to the type and quality of job you receive.   Utilize research, corporate career development advisors, and mentors to determine the exact set of skills you need to advance and secure your career. 

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