Professional Career Training

LearningNo matter what you need addressed in professional development skills, Savvan Learning Solutions is capable and able to design and implement a custom learning solution for you. Learning is our middle name at Savvan Learning Solutions. Our mission is to help individuals and companies obtain the professional development skills necessary to design and implement their unique professional career development plan and path.

Help your leaders and managers with change management in leadership guidance and performance management training. Specifically enable women in leadership and management as well as men with training and professional career development. Assist your HR department and employees with workplace diversity training or your sales department with building consultative selling skills

Speaking Engagement

Start by engaging Savvan Learning Solutions with a speaking engagement. Allow Linda Savanauskas to bring her wealth of research knowledge, experiential learning advice and speaking experience to address your company’s needs as a seminar leader or keynote speaker.

Address learning head on with a qualified partner that can assist you with your Corporate Learning and Development structure and with learning advice and speaking solutions. Take a look at the topics below and contact us for your next speaking engagement or training seminar. We can also customize our topics to your specific needs:

Coaching Ourselves Topicspeers coaching each other

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