Champion You Program Overview, Women

Program Overview

Savvan Learning Solutions’ Champion You virtual instructor led training (VILT) gives women the tools and insights needed to advance their career goals. It is a self-development program to provide the steps on being a women leader as a “uniter” and “joiner” of an upward mobility movement leading to equality, well-being, and a sense of pride in the workplace.

The series will offer three 1.1/2-hour virtual instructor led sessions.

Do-it-Yourself Learning works well with virtual instructor led classrooms, connecting your goals to accomplish with added team support.

(Program features small groups, 1-9 participants per session in a private virtual classroom).

Champion You – Viewpoint

champion you iconFlipping the Paradigm: Women are Change Makers and Strategic in their Leadership Roles

What can we do to help women in management and leadership engage more fully in their roles and take the lead in executive positions? What is the required change in mindset for women to position themselves now and for the future decade and generations to come? How do they make this mindset change? Where do women start? Where do men start? Women have always been strategic in their many skill sets as they juggle people development responsibilities at home, as mentors, in the workplace and as colleagues. Women historically have not had an option to be tactical in one specialty area, as the demands on women have been many and strategic, and not with a single-tactical focus.

lady-rightIn this exciting new era that is upon us, women are evolving in new job roles in private, public and government organizations of all sizes including women in military and those choosing combat. To that point, women continue to acquire higher education degrees, from Associate to PhD’s and make up a huge part of the workforce worldwide, especially in the past decade. Yes, and equally there are many women working in low-paying jobs and still are the primary person responsible and accountable in providing childcare. These women are unable to outsource many of the needed services in managing their home and their careers while some of their women counterparts are able to outsource many of their daily responsibilities with higher earning power in their careers.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” 

–Ralph Waldo Emerson


lady2Paving the way for this mindset change are the multi-generations in the workforce and the evolution of women in their roles in the workforce and their desire to have rewarding careers as co-workers, managers and leaders, while seeking balance in family responsibilities. The assuming roles are to engage women as managers and leaders and collaborate with each other and across the aisle alongside their male co-partners as we reach the age of diversity, inclusion, and equality in our professional and our personal lives.

What I am talking about is flipping the paradigm between men and women and becoming mutually coexistence in support of one another, truly a new mindset going forward. In doing so, we need to look at the past 30 years of history, which plops us right back to the 1980s. Women have benefited from the women’s movement, for those women who are in search of interesting work in their careers and the use of their given talents. Women have fought for and earned the right to their seat at the decision table, equality in pay and rank for contributing their talents as they advanced their careers. As we know, there is more work to do here.

What we are not talking about as we go forward in the next 30+ years is the divisive nature of men and women but rather the mindset of unity of women and men to support one another. This mindset change will enable us to build a better future in prosperity, growth, and inclusion to meet professional career goals. Rather than (my rewording of) the quote below, “Divided We Stand, Divided We Fall. Lastly, it does not involve the abdication of management, the absence of leadership, the lowering of standards….

As mentioned above, we all may be familiar with the Aesop’s fable (Aesop, a slave during the 6thCentury, Greece) quote, “United We Stand Divided We Fall,” this quote reminds me of the divisiveness among women and men and their bullying behaviors to accomplish prowess and political achievement in reaching their goals in building turfs and fiefdoms. The quote I would like to suggest in going forward is… “United We Stand United We Fall”. The essence of this quote is holding all those accountable for their individual behaviors and the mindset of unity with the new movement forward.

“Confidence… thrives on honesty, on honor, on the sacredness of obligations, on faithful protection and on unselfish performance. Without them it cannot live.”

–Franklin D. Roosevelt

People are incredibly motivated to do the right thing. With a new mindset to build engagement and collaboration in making career choices, and the support of these objectives is the same for women as men.

In summary, what is out –  divisive behaviors, and corporate bullying behaviors to get ahead, status quo of the past 30+ years, the segregation by class identified as the A, B, and C players and gender specific historic terms that are out dated and passé.

lady3What is in –  the use of neutral gender words, inclusion of women and men at the same decision table, practicing strategic and tactical career building mindsets to be leaders and the diversity of all workers to acquire the mindset of assuming and being in leadership. (Not just the selected class of workers and those who fall under the Affirmative Action and EEO laws)

As we know, parts of the divisive issues we face 30+ years later are wage differentials. Today, and with the gains women have made in their formal education and training including earning Associates, Bachelors, Masters and PhD degrees have put them on equal par in their current job roles with their male co-partners in the workforce today.


“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson



Flipping the Paradigm

    • Women are strategic leaders and managers.
    • What is ‘out’ is the method of dividing and conquering rather than uniting and collaborating.
    • What is ‘in’, women are the change makers by assuming their strategic roles in business.
    • The road to travel is the change of mindset of assuming and being the leader and the strategic decision-maker.
    • Be the champion for upward mobility in your career.
    • Snuff out the bully mentality in competition, engage and form alliances with other women and men, unite versus divide, begin by being inclusive versus exclusive, bring your heart to the table versus leaving your heart at the door.
    • Become the step up to one another versus the step down in providing a positive leadership model for the next generations of the future.
    • Women and men in collaboration promote the strengths of each others talents while flipping the paradigm to mutually coexist in co-partnership with the mindset to assume and be in leadership.