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Time: 1:00-2:30 pm ET

Cost: $ per session

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Session 1 in a 3-part Online Workshop
Includes: Self-Skill Assessment and Evaluation

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For Individuals and Teams

Dates: TBD

Time: 1:00-2:30 pm ET

Cost: $0 per person, per class. Please contact me about discount rates, sign-up early

Please join me for this introductory overview offering as we outline the behaviors and skills you need to be aware as an individual (target) and the resources you can begin to put into action.

What: The offering: 1 1/2 hour per class with live discussion.

Where: Virtual Private Classroom, Wiggio and JoinMe, size is limited to a 9-person team


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What will be covered in Men in Leadership, Champion You?

Program Overview

If men represented in top management came in with the intention inclusion and diversity in their leadership and management teams, would it make it a difference to women?

We will look at some of the skills and behaviors that men currently have, that women could learn from them. And that the skills and behaviors that women have could begin a cross training effort in helping men recognize what they need to do differently to encourage inclusion and diversity with people are most not like themselves.

What are men most skilled at? What are women most skilled at? What do men need to do differently in their own practice in updating their skills and behaviors to support their own growth and the growth of women in management and leadership?

The outcome, increased performance for the organization. More innovation, creativity that may be associated with a blended diversity in gender in management and leadership roles. If that was an outcome for you personally and for your organization would you want it? How much risk is in it for you to support your own goals for upward mobility?

Who should take this overview course?

 For those in leadership and management roles and men in non-leadership roles looking for advancement opportunities

    • Men in Leadership, Management roles
    • Men in non-leadership, and management roles that are looking to improve their current skill sets to achieve advancement in their career roles.


What makes this class so valuable?

Specifically designed for professional men seeking improvement in their current job roles, and being a trend-setter.

How do you find the time to review your professional skills, especially when you are feeling a bit off your game and your passion in your performance has dwindled?

You don’t see any downtime in your schedule – yet you need a quick refresher of your skills to get you back to peak performance.

It is time to incorporate professional skill development updates and dust off those personality and behavioral assessments such as Myers Briggs, DiSC, Strengths Finder, and the Passion Profiler to update your confidence meter to engage with your next client.

In the Champion You virtual workshop, we will briefly look at the definition of these assessments and we will review best practices that will help you with your next client or stakeholder engagement.

Convenience to attend classes in a virtual setting from any location.