Women in Leadership and Management, Champion You Workshop

Women in Leadership, Champion You

champion you icon(Regardless of your job title of leader/manager)

Our new 3-part virtual online workshop series: Women in Leadership, Champion You. The program will guide you and provide the how-to steps you need to take charge of your career!

A self-development program to provide the steps on being a women leader as a “uniter” and “joiner” of an upward mobility movement leading to equality, well-being, and a sense of pride in the workplace. The series will offer three 1.1/2-hour virtual sessions. (Program features small groups, 1-9 participants per session in a private virtual classroom) Schedule will be announced soon per session and workshop.

Promo Video:

Session one:
Women are Strategic,
Flipping the Paradigm

Session 1

Session two:
Change Makers:
Self-Promotion and Engagement

Session 2

Session three:
and Upward Mobility

Who Should Take This Virtual Workshop?

Women sole-proprietors …Women in small-medium size business, (SMB) Women in corporate, business managers and HR.
(Regardless of your job title of leader/manager)

Savvan Learning Solutions has designed a unique self-development program to provide the steps on being a women leader as a “uniter” and “joiner” of an upward mobility movement leading to equality, well-being, and a sense of pride in the workplace. 

Why is this important to your career now? The economy has stagnated movement of jobs within organizations, as well as upward movement of exciting new roles. Start now as the economy begins to improve and support your new career movement in roles in your organization.

Developing Your Management and Leadership Skills!  

    • 3-part virtual workshop series, 90 minute sessions.
    • Small virtual class size, 1-9 participants.
    • Includes development of applied skills with hands on exercises both in-class and beyond, to continue your self-development skills.
    • Private classroom session to encourage safe sharing with like-minded peers.
    • 1:1 access to private sessions for follow-up questions.
    • Convenience to attend classes in a virtual setting from any location.

A quick overview of the session topics include:

Women have always been strategic in their many skill sets as they juggle and balance their professional careers and their responsibilities at home. Historically, however, they have not had an option to be tactical in their management of these huge responsibilities—they just find the will to do it! 

Yet women want more. They want job roles that engage them further in more business-strategic positions, earning them the same roles and wages as their male counterparts. 

    • Champion You Women Identify your current skills, strengths and what needs improvement.
    • Learn the tactical steps required to build a win-win attitude to accomplish your objectives and move forward in your career.
    • Learn how to create your own plan.
    • Young business woman Specifically designed for professional women seeking improvement in their current job roles, and upward mobility.
    • You are juggling so many things in your professional lives and personal lives. How do you find the time to review your professional skills, especially when you are feeling a bit off your game and your passion in your performance has dwindled?
    • You don’t see any downtime in your schedule – yet you need a quick refresher of your skills to get you back to peak performance.
    • It is time to incorporate professional skill development updates and dust off those personality and behavioral assessments such as Myers Briggs, DiSC, Strengths Finder, and the Passion Profiler to update your confidence meter to engage with your next client.
    • In the Champion You virtual workshop, we will briefly look at the definition of these assessments and we will review best practices that will help you with your next client or stakeholder engagement.