Session One: Women are Strategic, Flipping the Paradigm

Session 1 – TBD
Time: 1:00-2:30 pm ET

Cost: $0 per session

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Session 1 in a 3-part Online Workshop
Includes: Self-Skill Assessment and Evaluation

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Session 1-TBD
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Savvan Associates provides needed tools for professional women to be the champions of their own career. In the online virtual workshop, Women in Leadership, Champion You we will uncover what is required for women to position themselves in visible roles in the workplace. Women want to have job roles that engage them further in more business-strategic job roles earning them the same job roles and wages as their male counterparts. In session one, Flipping the Paradigm, we will discover how to elevate your current job role, assess and update current skills while becoming more visible in your organization to obtain additional strategic roles.

Session 1After this session, you will be able to:

    • Identify the challenges faced within your job role and set needed growth objectives to attaining your goals.
    • Address business needs and how you become the champion of your career by addressing those skills and needs.
    • Strengthen business relationships, learn to collaborate and engage supportive people in your network to meet your growth objectives.
    • Become part of the solution by creating your own plan, developing decision-making skills, taking needed classes to advance in financial decisions and build supportive relationships to become visible for special projects.

What makes Champion You So valuable?

Specifically designed for professional women seeking improvement in their current job roles, and upward mobility.

3-part virtual workshop series.

Small virtual class size,1-9 participants.

Includes development of applied skills with hands on exercises in-class (and homework) to continue your self-development skills.

Private classroom session to encourage safe sharing with like-minded peers.

1:1 access to private sessions for follow-up questions.

Convenience to attend classes in a virtual setting from any location.