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The objective of the paper is to provide a short history of where we were in designing and delivering corporate eLearning from 1990-2010. Is there still value in training employees using eLearning technologies? (The answer is still yes, the type of learning and what the intended outcome is expected for the learner.)
We look at the evolution of early designs of eLearning and where we have travelled from the early ’90s to today, and where we truly need to aspire to in our design and development capabilities for tomorrow. Media and Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 are here now. There is no looking back and being hopeful on what was – it is about grabbing the bull by the horns and developing the best quality using advanced learning technologies to retain what is learned in the shortest amount of time. The outcome is to bring fun into the equation by immersing our learners into a true 3D immersive learning experience through experiential and applied learning is truly the beginning of the new tipping point.
This paper explores these ideas and more. This paper entices the ‘C-Suite’ and the Chief Learning Officer to get involved in the learning process as part of the new wave of change that is sustainable and quietly transforming our workforces. The opportunity to expound on our boundaries are truly limitless and a gift that the Great Recession has provided our executives to provide.
Keywords: Evolution of eLearning, Applied learning through 2D – 3D to Immersive Learning Technologies, Engagement of the Learner, Increased Retention and Improved Performance.