Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT)

Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) blends the effectiveness of an instructor led classroom training with the convenience of a virtual online classroom. This type of training is typically delivered via a web application. Classes can include lectures, demonstrations and/or hands-on labs. This type of training:

    • reduces some of the expense of travel, 
    • the time of travel to actually get to a classroom, and 
    • delivers the instructor directly to your personal computer, work station or mobile device.

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As high speed connections improve, companies are increasingly choosing this type of training over the traditional classroom. Leading this movement is technical training, software training, creative software training, and soft skills (business/management) training. A typical online virtual hands-on training session may be attended by one or more students from the same or different companies. There is typically an average of four to eight students attending the virtual classroom session.  Do-it-Yourself Learning works well with virtual instructor led classrooms, connecting your goals to accomplish with team support.  DIY – Self Education is part of the new normal!

Tools utilized in a virtual instructor led training session may include the following:

    • Live or streaming video – where full motion webcam, digital video camera, or multi-media files are shown
    • Slide show presentations
    • Real-time audio communication via the internet
    • Digital whiteboards with annotation capabilities
    • Live TEXT question and answer sessions
    • Live polls and surveys in real time
    • Screen sharing/desktop sharing/ application sharing applications when appropriate
    • Private classrooms for teaming and confidential transfer of information.

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