Workplace Bullying

Workplace bullying is an increasing concern for corporations. Especially in light of the many acquisitions and mergers of the potential changes when power and fear type behaviors dominate due to potential loss of employment. Savvan Learning can provide two training program offerings for the workplace, experienced training services customized to the needs of your workplace culture. The programs are for the individual target, and for HR, management and leadership teams. Offerings are available for the bullying behaviors as well.

Workplace Bullying is considered harassment versus sexual harassment as it affects the person (s) involved in many different aspects. A Healthy Workplace Bill today is available in some states and is a ‘Cause’ in other states. Please see the description and video for the Healthy Workplace Bill and sign up today to support a law in your state. The law is designed to bring awareness to the behaviors and to strengthen the laws around a healthy workplace environment.Business distrust

It is not enough just to have a general policy anymore. What is trending today is the dark side of leadership that we don’t want to address, and that is Bullying is a leadership issue. Promoting the offender to another department continues the behaviors without the root cause being addressed. In many cases, bullying comes from the top decisions makers in the organization and it costs organizations millions of dollars in harassment lawsuits. However, the issue is only now coming to the surface and becoming top of mind especially as we review Collegiate and Pro sports as only one example. See the list of topics under Workplace Bullying that are available for training, speaking and peer coaching.

Change starts with the gift of awareness. Workplace Bullying, what you can do to sharpen your awareness that will lead to internal change and positive outcomes.

Developing the inside tools to make a difference in your life and the relationships with others.

Workplace Bullying Topics, Coaching Ourselves and Training Programs