4 Reasons to Look at Cyclic Behavior in Workplace Bullying


By Linda Savanauskas, MSM, HCS  
April 4, 2015

There are 4 reasons to look at cyclic behavior in workplace bullying. When we are out of sync, mentally, physically, intellectually, and spiritually our well-being suffers. Our mindfulness of our own behavior, and our behavior towards others is compromised. What is perceived by others and ourselves is in a process of being numbed out. We think we are in control, yet we are chronically numbing out and feeding into the cyclic behaviors that make us feel great for a temporary period of time, hence the definition. Whether we are the aggressor or the person being attacked.

The clarity of Leonardo DaVinci’s, Vitruvian Man  image when there is one part of our being that is out of sync with another part of our being, our body tries to balance the load.Vesuvius Man Image

The Pulse On Your Being

Let’s take a look at a few of the characteristics and take a ‘pulse’ on what is happening to your body when you are in process of numbing out.

Intellectual Health

If you are the bully, intellectually you want to compete and have power of someone, something so you can control your outcome regardless of how it affects your own person or the other person.

There is a thrill seeking nature of being on the hunt, outsmarting your prey, and bringing home the biggest win for yourself.

Sometimes the loudest person in the room truly is not the smartest it is the quiet person who may appear as meek and yes may not speak up – yet they actually may have a better solution that would be a win for them and the business at hand. 

Ask yourself…if you truly care about your own well-being…how well did that victory last? Was it just another short-term win to boost your ego or was it something you could point to and know that you make a difference?

Mental Health

As for your mental health – yes again, it something we don’t want to think about – yet in the moment of planning out the attack, and executing the win – how is your physiological symptoms? Is your adrenaline surging? Is your heart beginning to race, are you thinking about what you can verbally say in haste to wipe out your competition? How cunning can you be? What is happening to your facial expressions in the moment? Are you listening?

Business distrust

Are your expressions reflecting your heart and thoughtfulness of your mindful being? Or is your facial expression vivid with anger as you go in for the kill? If a male, are you thinking about how you can take out your prey physically? Verbally? Over-talk them? If you are a women, are you icing out a team member and excluding him or her from your game?

Physical Health

Physically, what are the symptoms? And what do the raging emotions in the cyclic behaviors do to your health and well-being? How is the stress of the behaviors affecting your heart? Is the adrenaline rushing from the negative emotions? Are your cheeks tingling, is your stomach knotting up from the shame of your actions? Is there guilt? Remorse? Regret?

Over a period of time does the cyclic nature of the win, and the hunt begin to dull your experience? How is your well-being, are you happy? Joyful? These are all very powerful emotions and can do serious harm to yourself and your opponents. How do you keep pushing it to the edges? How do you take the edge off?

Spirit of BeingiStock_000016409564Large_Scale

Forgiveness? Compassion? For the Bully?

For the Target? Four of the five bullies have been bullied as children, and young adults, how do they break the cycle?

For the target, getting your ducks lined up, getting out of the situation and putting a plan together with support in taking care of yourself first. Minimize the damage as soon as possible as the after affects will follow for a long period of time following an event.


What can you do today to kick off the awareness and the importance of well-being in your organization, whether it is at your place of work, your sports club, your spiritual organization? Start off by bringing attention to your State legislators, and sign the Healthy Work Place Bill today.

Today, it is seen as a ‘cause’, in order for there to be a change, the ‘cause’ needs to be brought to the legislator’s agenda so that it can become a bill, and yes a law is needed. It does not mean that bullying will stop because of a law, it means that people are aware and that there are legal ways to support a zero-tolerance policy for healthy workplace environments. Companies may consider the importance in their employee handbooks.

See enclosed: Healthy Work Place Billclip board

Go to the http://healthyworkplacebill.org/  find your State, it will ask you to sign up for a ‘cause’ and then you can click on registration for your State. This sends a note to your State Legislators to get the ball rolling  See also: The Healthy Workplace Bill_Linkedin Post

Sign-up to take a Ending Workplace Bullying Intro Class for (Individual – Targets), and for HR, Leadership, Managers (see: April Schedule)

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